Cannabis + Crystals

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We pair full-flower pre-rolls with genuine crystals.


Combining cannabis terpenes with crystals is said to help you overcome hurdles and enhance specific areas of your life.


Pick a pack and catch a vibe.


Learn more about our experience packs below.

Full-Flower Cannabis

KIef Infused Pre-Rolls

Our superior, full-flower prerolls are packed using Oklahoma’s finest cannabis. Our brand focuses heavily on terpene profile, trichome density, bud density, and THC. We choose terpene profiles that are dedicated to each vibe, pairing elevated experiences with premium tested terps. Our brand is focused on creating the best bud-run only preroll experience. Each preroll is weighed and inspected to a 80/20 flower to kief ratio for the best burn. Locally sourced, each strain has been hand picked to cultivate the perfect vibe.

Genuine Crystals

Sourced Ethically

Crystals are known to be powerful in healing, allowing positive energy to flow into the body. Crystals work by channeling your energy levels, focusing on healing your body from the inside. Healing crystals have particular vibrations and frequencies. These energies work in benefiting and uplifting our mind, body, and soul. Acting like a magnet, crystals can absorb the negative energies and welcome fresh vibes. When you place or hold a crystal over the body, it interacts with the body’s chakras and promotes physical and mental wellness. Used in certain ways, it can also improve concentration and creativity. Crystals can help manifest physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing.



Amethyst + INDICA

Our superior, full-flower indica prerolls are paired with a genuine amethyst crystal. Amethyst holds beautiful spiritual energy, known to naturally reduce stress by creating a calm state of mind.


This vibe pack enlightens the mind, body, and soul: encouraging peace and tranquility. Together the cannabis and crystal can create the perfect chill vibe.



Our superior, full-flower indica dominant prerolls are paired with a genuine rose quartz crystal. Rose Quartz is known to enhance love, peace, and harmony.


This vibe pack encourages love and heightens sexual energies. Together the cannabis and crystal can create the perfect passionate vibe.


Clear Quartz + 50/50 Hybrid

Our superior, full-flower hybrid prerolls are  paired with a genuine Clear Quartz crystal. Clear Quartz is believed to be one of the most powerful healing crystals, known to alleviate pain and enhance peaceful vibrations.


This vibe pack helps soothe the soul, calm the mind, and strengthen the body. Together the cannabis and crystal can create the perfect healing vibe.


Blue Lace Agate + Sativa Dominant

Our superior, full-flower sativa dominant prerolls are paired with a genuine Blue Lace Agate crystal. Blue Lace Agate is known to enhance clarity, promote harmony, and elevate the soul.


This vibe pack lifts your spirit to manifest positive energy and euphoric highs. Together the cannabis and crystal can create the perfect Uplifting Vibe.


Citrine + Sativa

Our superior, full-flower sativa prerolls are paired with a genuine Citrine crystal. Citrine holds bright and warm energy, known to amplify happiness and success.


This vibe pack manifests inspiration, abundance, and joy. Together the cannabis and crystal can create the perfect Creative Vibe.


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Utopic highs and Crystal vibes

Utopic Vibes is a licensed Oklahoma state cannabis processing company. We believe in the healing power of cannabis and crystals together to manifest utopic highs and crystal vibes. 


Our main goal is to provide Oklahomans a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and give them a healing experience unlike any other. Light up any of our full-flower prerolls and embrace your unique crystal to Experience Utopia.