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Fifth Avenue, New York

A Culture Of Cannabis; With A Focus On Healing Crystals

Utopic Vibes seeks to bring you the best experience of Oklahoma medical marijuana processing facilities. With a variety of crystals, and a focus on holistic healing. We don’t view ourselves as just a medical marijuana processing facility; we see ourselves as a cutting edge Christian spiritual store for the people of Oklahoma who are seeking health and wellness through cannabis. Our market is thriving and growing larger each day. We’re proud to set ourselves apart by providing a unique experience, outlook, and products for our patients to enjoy. To browse some of our inventory and begin your journey to holistic healing with Utopic Vibes, click below.

The Ideals Of Utopia

Our Why at Utopic Vibes

The owners of Utopic Vibes, Kimberly and Tonya, wanted to give the cannabis consumers of Oklahoma a higher experience. Kim and Tonya met at the start of the pandemic. Tonya was working at a dispensary and Kim was visiting family, looking to find alternative relief for her husband who is a cancer survivor.  In no time, Kim and Tonya were working together, creating a unique experience for their customers and patients. Tonya and Kim work diligently to maintain a successful, smooth-running business. Tonya handles the sourcing of products that aligns with our 5 different vibes. Kim focuses on setting standards for ethical business practices.  Kim and Tonya both love healing crystals and the energy they produce, and wanted to find a way to incorporate them into their passion for cannabis. Their local market was really lacking in a high quality pre-roll and they wanted to be the ones to deliver not only that, but a full experience. Kim and Tonya created their “Experience Packs”, which allows the user to fully enjoy their high while learning about the flower and connecting with a healing crystal. All of their Experience Packs contain a pre-roll and a perfectly paired healing crystal. We take pride and passion in providing an experience like no other for our patients and consumers. We believe in standing apart from the crowd and with Utopic Vibes, that is exactly what we’ve done!

Elevation Through Education

Are you interested in learning more about cannabis? Are you fed up with the stigma and misinformation? We want to educate people about the cannabis plant's genuine nature and benefits, as well as the gems' therapeutic qualities.

Cannabis, Crystals, and More

We strive to provide only the highest quality crystals and cannabis to you, our loyal patients. Both are powerful healing and wellness tools in our experience. Please see the list below for a complete list of our unique wellness products.

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Are you looking for a way to contact Utopic Vibes? We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our inventory, mission, or how we got started. To contact Utopic Vibes, visit the link below.