Processing Cannabis vs Dispensing Cannabis

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Processing Cannabis vs Dispensing Cannabis

In the world of Oklahoma cannabis, the difference between a processing facility and a medical dispensary can be as simple as their titles. A medical marijuana processor is defined to include, but not limited to, any business that generates THC and CBD concentrates from the cannabis plant, businesses creating edible cannabis products and businesses packaging medical marijuana flower or products for sale at a dispensary. To clarify what’s considered a medical marijuana dispensary in Oklahoma, an individual or entity that has been issued a medical marijuana business license by the department of medical marijuana, which allows the dispensary to purchase medical marijuana or medical marijuana products from a licensed processor, grower, or dispensary.


Processing Cannabis vs Dispensing CannabisUnderstanding the Legality of Marijuana

In order to truly grasp and define the difference between all the moving parts in Oklahoma’s newly legal cannabis market, it’s helpful to have a basic timeline. It wasn’t until 2018 that the medicinal community within our boarders recognized THC and CBD to be not only safe, but effective in treating numerous inflammatory health conditions. While there are always future studies to be conducted, the law-making community confirms to have satisfactory information to recommend the use of cannabis products in medicine confidently. Those who have been issued state medical marijuana cards are legally entitled to have in their possession at any given time:

  • Up to three ounces of marijuana on their person; Up to eight ounces of marijuana at their residence
  • Six mature marijuana plants and six seedlings  
  • One ounce of marijuana concentrates
  • 72 ounces of edible marijuana products  

Becoming a Marijuana Processor in Oklahoma

To purchase cannabis grown specifically for medicinal use intended for the resale at a registered dispensary is called a processor. In the state of Oklahoma, any individual who creates edibles, packages marijuana, or extracts concentrates is required to have a license to do so and adhere to lawful regulations to operate as a medical marijuana business. Once you’ve filed the necessary applications, you just need to find a supply and market.


Opening an Oklahoma State Registered Medical Dispensary

All applicants looking to start their own dispensary to sell medicinal marijuana from a certified grower must be 25 years or older. You will need to have been a resident of the state for at least 2 years, as well as at least 75 percent of the shop owners need to be native Oklahoma residents. After filing your application, you’re able to start on the business plan you’ve worked so hard on. Finding top certified caregivers and growers to supply your business is the first step to creating reputability right out of the gate.


Honoring the Long Road Behind us

Oklahoma citizens have been fighting to be heard by lawmakers in regards to the legalization of medicinal cannabis for decades. In just the recent few years, that fight has been won! The production, sale, use and possession of medicinal marijuana products is finally legal in our beautiful state. While the eagerness to make up for lost time may seem a little justified, Utopic Vibes would like to kindly remind our fellow cannabis enthusiasts what we fought to make legal in the first place. Helping fellow Oklahoma folk gain affordable and easy access to safe, quality medicine has always been a priority of our communities and a theme throughout the cannabis world. If we all do our part in responsibly upholding Oklahoma integrity in our own medicinal marijuana businesses, we are sure to have a long and healthy future for the cannabis industry. Join Utopic Vibes in healing the medically ravaged community with correctly cured cannabis and the highest intentions.