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Utopic Vibes takes great pride in providing a unique cannabis experience for all patients. As well as having a passionate distinctive approach amongst other Oklahoma medical marijuana facilities. Our products are truly the best in wellness enhancement aids. We package our pre-rolls, which are made with a mix of 80% flower and 20% kief for maximum smokability, with a crystal that is sure to complement the energy that the cannabis will bring into your body. As well as an educational insert to teach you about terpenes and what terpenes are best suited for you. With the power of concrete intentions, cannabis in your body, and the crystal harmonizing with your spirit, our pre-roll packs are sure to bring your energetic wellness to the next level. Look below to check out our pre-roll packs. Also, if you’d like to learn more about how Utopic Vibes came to be check out the link below.

Experience Our New Vibes!

Introducing –  The Mini Blunt & Tiger’s Eye Vibe for Complete Grounding

Tiger’s Eye is a captivating stone to the eye, and it’s energy is even more so. This beautiful stone of the sun is associated with the solar plexus and sacral chakras, bringing you grounding energy while balancing yin-yang energies and the emotional body, stabilizing mood swings. Tiger’s eye can bring the wearer good luck, and promotes clarity of the mind in times of difficult decision-making. This stone is primarily useful with psychosomatic illnesses like anxiety and depression, however can also provide healing properties for the eyes, throat, and reproductive organs. Tiger’s eye can help alleviate pain, release toxins, and aid in strengthening bones.

To pair perfectly with our Tiger’s Eye are our new mini blunts! These are the perfect pick me up to get the vibe right. Experiencing some stress or tension? Our premium mini blunts will reset your mind, bringing you down to earth while our Tiger’s eye works to keep you there. Balancing energies, and resting the mind. Our mini blunts are the new best thing! Perfect for travel and providing a quick and convenient smoke.



A genuine amethyst crystal is combined with our premium full-flower indica pre-rolls. Amethyst is a gorgeous stone with a spiritual aura that is believed to naturally relieve stress by inducing a peaceful frame of mind. The mind, body, and soul are all enlightened by this vibe pack, which promotes serenity and tranquility. When cannabis and crystal are combined, they may produce the ultimate relaxed atmosphere.

Truly and deeply get in touch with your spiritual side. Pairing Amethyst with any spiritual activity such as consuming plant medicine enhances our connection ten fold. We are beings of energy and the right crystal is vital to stabilize the vibrations around us. By reducing anxiety and regulating bodily hormones, Amethyst is the perfect assistant to any calming ritual. Adding to its' amazing qualities, gain a better nights sleep and boost your immunity by keeping a piece of Amethyst near your resting place.



A genuine rose quartz crystal is combined with our better, full-flower indica dominating pre-rolls. Rose quartz is said to bring love, serenity, and harmony into one's life. This vibrational bundle promotes love and enhances sexual energy. When cannabis and crystal are combined, they may produce the ideal passionate atmosphere.

Ignite your Heart's passion through self-love. Although used widely to attract love, many gift Rose Quartz to loved ones who may need to fall into themselves for health, emotional, or spiritual reasons. Natural carvings are perfect for gardens and sacred outdoor locations. Find your true path to light your fire and bring a piece of the lover's stone with you for support. While soothing and healing your heart, Rose Quartz is useful in meditation to assist you in realizing the emotions that need to be calmed to complete difficult tasks.



A genuine Clear Quartz crystal is combined with our excellent full-flower hybrid prerolls. Clear Quartz is said to be one of the most potent healing crystals, capable of reducing pain and enhancing calm vibrations. This vibe pack is designed to quiet the mind, heal the spirit, and strengthen the body. When cannabis and crystal are together, they can produce the ideal therapeutic atmosphere.

Just as you'd expect being paired with a hybrid strain, Clear Quartz is a multi-functional healer. This stone amplifies the energy channeled through it immensely. Whether your intent is to clear negative energy or to assist in psychic abilities, you're protected. Clear Quartz is famous for bringing in positive energy wherever it clears the negative, which makes it perfect for clearings and healings. Keep a large piece in the heart of your home to clear and store negative energy while attracting and pulling in positive.



A genuine Blue Lace Agate crystal is combined with our better, full-flower sativa dominant prerolls. Blue Lace Agate is thought to help with clarity, harmony, and spiritual elevation. This vibe pack helps you generate good energy and euphoric highs by lifting your spirits. When cannabis and crystal are combined, they may generate the ideal uplifting vibe.

Perfect for your productive day, Blue Lace Agate is absolutely incredible for managing stress as it lifts it away! This crystal is used in workplaces to bring up the vibe by managing stress levels and promoting a free flow of energy. Balance your chakras by adding a Blue Lace Agate to your meditation circle. Improving circulation through blood vessels to your heart, Blue Lace Agate is the perfect assistant to any physical activity following your uplifting high.



A genuine Citrine crystal is combined with our excellent full-flower sativa prerolls. Citrine emits a bright, warm energy that is said to increase happiness and prosperity. Inspiration, riches, and joy are all manifested in this vibe bundle. The combination of cannabis and crystal may provide the ideal Creative Vibe.

A powerful manifestation tool, Citrine carries the powers of the sun into each room it lives. The frequency given off by this uplifting crystal inspires creativity and imagination, making it perfect for studios or home workspaces. A super cool feature of Citrine is that each piece is able to not store negative energy, but dilute and ground it into a protective force for your environment. Abundance in wealth is the most common attraction to Citrine, and for optimal effectiveness remember pure citrine is a pale yellow vs amber.

Elevation Through Education

Are you interested in learning more about cannabis? Are you fed up with the stigma and misinformation? We want to educate people about the cannabis plant's actual nature and advantages, as well as the stones' therapeutic powers. Click the link below to study along with us.

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