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The Importance of Crystals in Healing

Healing Crystals: A Science

The use of crystals in healing has been a common practice since ancient times. Healing crystals are used as an alternative medicinal practice to bring peace, wellness, and grounding to the body. Crystals vary in healing properties and are associated with energy and the natural flow of it within our bodies. Crystal healing is a positive practice, where crystals emit certain healing energies that enter the body, releasing the negative vibrations. It is believed that each type of crystal resonates at its own frequency, thus having its own specific healing properties. At Utopic Vibes, we incorporate cannabis and crystals to raise your vibe even higher. Using sources grown or found in nature, we can remain rooted, inducing a higher sense of self and creating room to heal. We carefully pair our favorite strains with quality crystals to enhance your smoking experience and promote healing and wellness. This blog will discuss the crystals used in our pre roll packs and their benefits.

Chill – Amethyst

We combine amethyst with our indica flower, to bring the smoker a chill, relaxed vibe. Amethyst is a beautiful, deep-purple crystal that is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. This crystal promotes spirituality, purification and protection. In terms of healing benefits, amethyst enhances the immune system, improves endocrine function, promotes digestive health, and can even reduce headaches and regulate hormones. Pairing amethyst and our pre-rolls with spiritual and calming rituals such as meditation or yoga will enhance your spiritual connection ten fold. Get in touch with your spiritual side and experience an awakening deep within.

Passion – Rose Quartzcrystal healing rose quartz

Rose Quartz: the crystal of love and passion. We pair this beloved crystal with our indica dominant pre-rolls, creating the ideal passionate atmosphere for the smoker. Rose quartz is the stone of love, passion, serenity, and self-esteem, and resonates with the heart chakra. Rose quartz gives off a strong energy, acting as a heart opener, opening you up to giving and receiving all kinds of love. Carrying, wearing, or using this stone in times of grief will provide comfort and reassurance. Place rose quartz near your indoor plants and in your outdoor garden or sacred space for abundance and growth. Calm your senses and trust in the healing power of rose quartz.

Heal – Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the master healing crystal. It is the most versatile crystal, known to produce the most potent energies, capable of reducing pain and healing conditions of all kinds. Clear quartz can be used to represent any of the 7 chakras and can aid as an amplifier in spiritual rituals. We combine a premium 50/50 hybrid flower pre-roll with this stone to promote powerful healing of every kind. Clear quartz stimulates the immune system, restores balance within the body, and amplifies the chakras in our bodies. Using clear quartz in a calming bath or other relaxing setting will promote a comfortable therapeutic environment. Experience clear quartz today!

Uplift – Blue Lace Agate

Our energizing sativa dominant flower is paired with blue lace agate to bring peace, clarity, and spiritual elevation. Blue lace agate supports the throat and third eye chakra and promotes communication, stability, and a calming nature. This is a beautiful blue stone that can soothe arthritis and support the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Blue lace agate is commonly used in workplace settings to enhance productivity, a free flow of energy, and manage stress levels. When indulging in one of our sativa dominant pre-rolls, blue lace agate can make for a perfect pair to physical activity, assisting blood flow to the heart.

crystals in healingCreate – Citrine

Citrine acts as a powerful chakra cleanser. It emits a warm, uplifting energy to promote positivity and mindfulness. A beautiful citrine stone is paired with our full flower sativa pre-rolls for the ultimate healing experience. In the spiritual realm, this stone manifests joy, abundance, prosperity, and inspiration. Energetically, this stone supports the sacral chakra and can help to reverse degenerative disease, adjust chemical imbalances in the body, and in the treatment of diabetes can stimulate the spleen, pancreas, and digestion. Add this stone to your favorite spaces to invite the warm energy of the sun into your daily life.

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